About us

What is an imcite?

Imcite is an inspirational citation or a personal insight presented in a visual form. It usually combines inspiring insightful content with accompanying illustration, custom typography, hand-lettering and images.

It’s a neologism that describes distinctive qualities of the particular piece of graphic design. An art form that takes its origins in poster design, which usually employs both textual and graphic elements to communicate a particular message. An imcite does not have any agitational or promotional intent. Foremost, it’s an artwork of inspirational and motivational nature. An educational and inspiring piece that can be equally viewed as a “l’art pour l’art” and practically useful visual tool.

Imcite is not just a learning tool. It’s an art object you would love to own and look at every day. Looking at something you genuinely admire is a proven way to engage you in forming new positive thinking patterns and habits. A simple and elegant visual tool like imcite will help you build great routines, establish winning frameworks and contribute to a rich and fulfilling life. Try it out for yourself and let us know how any of imcites helped change your life.

Imcite Studio

Imcite Studio is dedicated to creating unique inspirational artwork. Our artwork is aimed to remind us of the important things in life and inspire us to reach for new horizons. Imcite artwork combines best practical advice with engaging illustration and remarkable design. With Imcite you get carefully curated and distilled, straight-to-the-point advice from famous leaders, top performers and winners. We create visual tools to help us become more self-aware, productive and happy. All Imcite products are thoughtfully crafted to provide you with great aesthetic experience. With every Imcite product we want to build a truly beautiful and useful visual reminder, a visual talisman, a personal totem that would help us become smarter about our goals and decisions in life.

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We are dedicated to creating great visual products. If you are an author interested in collaboration, please send your proposal to us.